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What will be the camp’s protocol regarding Covid-19?

A: Parents must attest that their child has not been sick for 14 days prior to the start of the program. Contact free thermometers will be at the programs and if the child has a temperature of over 100 degrees, the child will not be allowed to participate in the program.

Protocols will be modified based on local guidelines.

Parents will not be allowed to stay to watch their child during programs. Parents may watch in their vehicles.


What is the camper to staff ratio?


A: There will be a ratio of 10-12 players to 1 coach.


Where is the camp located?


A: Please check the facility tabs on the main page for facility locations.


How much are the camps?


A: Program costs are dependent on indoors/outdoors and length of program. Please refer to the “Camp Dates & Cost” tab on the main page.


How long are the programs?


A: Camps: Will be 3 hours long for 3 day and 5 day programs for 5-7 year olds. Camps will be 4 hours long for 3 day and 5 day programs for 8-12 year olds.

Programs: Will be 6 weeks of regular season games and 2 weeks of playoffs.


What time do I need to drop off my child for programs?


A: Parents may drop their children off 15- 30 minutes before the start of the program.


What should my child bring to the programs?


A: For Soccer: soccer ball, cleats (optional), shin guards (must have to participate), water bottle.

For Basketball: tennis shoes, shorts, basketball (optional), water bottle.


What is the deadline for payments?


A: Payments can be made immediately online during registration. Checks should be received 14 days prior to the start of the program. Checks should be made out to Sports Monster and be sent to the Columbus office:


1553 Parsons Ave. Columbus, OH 43207.


What happens if my child is seriously injured?


A: Please refer to medical and waiver forms.


Can siblings be in the same group?


A: Yes, if they are in the same age group.


Are there discounts for signing up multiple children or programs?


A: There is a 10% discount for an additional registration for another child or another program. Use code Multi20 for the 10% discount. Note that you MUST have multiple children or multiple program registrations to receive this discount.


Will lunch or snacks be provided?


A: For camps, yes. For leagues, no.


Can parents help coach from the sidelines?


A: No. Covid-19 restrictions prohibit parents to be at the programs at any time.


What happens if there is bad weather?


A: If in the event of weather, outdoor programs will resume under the discretion of the program director. Normally, with light or medium rain, programs will continue.


If there is lightning within 10 miles from the outdoor program location, a 30 minute delay will be in effect. After the 30 minute delay, if lightning has moved further than 10 miles from the program, programs will resume.


Parents will be notified by the program director if programs have been delayed. If there is a delay of more than 30 minutes, parents will be notified to pick up their children.


In the event a program is cancelled due to weather, programs will be extended to make the cancelled day up. If multiple days are cancelled due to weather, a credit for future programs may be processed.


What if I am late picking up my child?


A: We understand that life happens, and a parent may be a few minutes late picking up their child. A program director will wait with your child until you arrive, though there will be a late pickup fee:

  • 15-30 minutes late: $25 fee
  • 30-45 minutes late: $50 fee
  • 45 minutes- 1 hour late: $75


*After 1 hour and the program director has not received a call or email from the parent, the program director will call the police to report an abandoned child.


What is the Code of Conduct for the camp?



Participation in youth sports programs can have a lasting and meaningful effect on children’s lives. Therefore, it is the goal of Sports Monster Kids to provide the highest quality of athletic programs to ensure that a child’s experience with sport is a positive one. It takes the cooperation of everyone involved, including the participant, to make this happen. Therefore, Sports Monster Kids has established the following responsibilities for participants to adhere to:

  1. Players will listen to their coaches and be respectful of their elders.
  2. Players will take care of the facilities, equipment, and uniforms, which they are given.
  3. Players will make sure to eat the right foods and drink plenty of water before and after practices and games.
  4. Players will avoid all types of taunting, bullying, and belittling remarks to their teammates or opponents.
  5. Players will always show good sportsmanship win or lose.
  6. Players will refrain from horseplay and all other dangerous activities, in which they may become hurt.
  7. Players will participate for the love of the game and competition and not to win at all costs.



A Child who fails to adhere to the Code of Conduct or does not live up to their responsibilities or expectations will be subject to disciplinary action. Sports Monster Kids does not want a problem child to spoil the experience of youth sports for the other children in the programs. Therefore, Sports Monster Kids have instituted a Corrective Action Policy to establish appropriate consequences for inappropriate behavior.

The Corrective Action Policy is a guide to assist coaches and Sports Monster Kids to run a quality program. The Corrective Action Policy is a 3-step system designed to forgive a mistake but to firmly address chronic misbehavior. For violations of the Code of Conduct or Expectations, these steps will be followed:

  1. Verbal Warning. Coach will discuss undesirable conduct with participants and parents and stress that this behavior will not be tolerated.
  2. Camp or Game Suspension. This time the participant and the parent(s)must attend a meeting with the Coach and the Program Director before the player is allowed to resume playing. The participant will be warned that the next offense will result in his/her expulsion from the league.
  3. Camp or League Expulsion. Coach will file a complaint to the program director who in turn will investigate and analyze the situation. The result of the program director investigation to the complaint will determine the corrective action for the participant. This action can consist of camp or game/games suspension. The participant on the 3rd offense will be expelled from the camp or league and no refund will be given.


The parent will then have to make a formal request to be reinstated into this league. The participant and parent(s) will then have to meet with the Program Director prior to the start of the season to determine if the participant can play within the guidelines of this program. These guidelines are not absolute in dealing with behavioral problems. Severe situations could merit harsher sanctions against participants.


What is the refund policy if my child is sick or injured and cannot attend a program?


A: If your child is sick or injured and a doctor's note is submitted before 72 hours from the start of the program, payment may be transferable to another child or a future program. There will be no credit or refund issued a child is sick and cannot attend the day (or multiple days) of a scheduled program.


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